NVIDIA Unveils Eos Supercomputer: Powering AI Applications.

NVIDIA Unveils Eos Supercomputer: Powering AI Applications.

NVIDIA has revealed the Eos supercomputer, a high-performance system the size of a data center designed to bolster AI applications. As artificial intelligence increasingly permeates our daily lives, supercomputers like Eos play a pivotal role. Eos secures the ninth spot on the Top500.org list.

Cutting-Edge Configuration.

Equipped with 576 NVIDIA DGX H100 systems, each housing eight state-of-the-art H100 AI GPUs (totaling 4,608 GPUs), Eos stands at the forefront of computational power. NVIDIA leverages the Quantum-2 InfiniBand architecture to interconnect these systems, catapulting Eos’s performance to an impressive 18.4 exaflops in FP8 AI.

Advancing AI Capabilities.

With its exceptional computing power, Eos positions NVIDIA as a frontrunner in creative artificial intelligence. This significant leap underscores NVIDIA’s commitment to driving innovation in AI technology, enabling groundbreaking advancements in various fields.

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