Is it worth purchasing the Ryzen 5 5600GT?

Is it worth purchasing the Ryzen 5 5600GT?

I won’t hide the fact that AMD is a bit more appealing to me as a company, as I’m a person who occasionally dabbles in gaming. In my opinion, AMD’s basic strategy of labeling their processors as “gaming CPUs” has a serious impact on the general consumer audience, and I’m one of them. However, I can’t say that I agree with all of the company’s strategies. For example, I’ll bring up the Ryzen 7000 series which, although a huge technological advancement over the 5000 series, lacked entry-level options, such as the absence of a Ryzen 3. Of course, we are seeing this today with the Ryzen 8000G, which are, in their own right, affordable options.

To come to my conclusion, I like the fact that AMD is still investing in their older generation of processors even in 2024. They are making sure to release more Ryzen 5000s, like the R5 5600GT, but are they going a bit overboard with these R5s? We’ve seen recently the addition of the 5600X3D, a limited edition version, and today it’s releasing the R5 5500GT and R5 5600GT. In today’s article, I will try to approach this new release of the R5 5600GT and determine if it is worth buying, considering that the technology has moved on.

About Ryzen 5000 series.

The Ryzen 5000 series processors belong to AMD’s Zen3 generation of processors, with AM4 Socket compatibility. They can support DDR4 RAM and PCIe 4.0 protocol. The first processors were released in April 2020, and then the series was enriched with both the 5800X3D, the non-X version, and the Ryzen 7 5700X. In 2024, the 5000 series was enriched further with the R5 5500GT, R5 5600GT, and R7 5700X3D.

The main feature of the Ryzen 5000 series is that they are built on TSMC’s 7nm process, and they are admittedly excellent processors for gaming. While the flagship R9 5950X series is better suited for productivity and multitasking, the others could be said to be more aimed at gamers. The CPU that saw the most acceptance in this area, however, was the R7 5800X3D, which, with its 3D V-Cache technology, won over a large portion of gamers and is still a coveted CPU today. The 5000 series diversified the processors that brought integrated graphics. This feature was available to those that had the G suffix at the end of their name. So, the processor I’m going to analyze in today’s article, the R5 5600GT, carries integrated graphics, just like the R7 5700G and the R5 5600G.

An Overview of the Ryzen 5 5600GT.

Image Source: AMD

The Ryzen 5 5600GT is one of the latest additions to AMD’s 5000 series of Ryzen processors codenamed “Cezanne”. It was released on January 8, 2024, with an MSRP of $140. The processor features integrated Vega graphics with 7 core count, a graphics frequency of 1900 MHz, and an AMD Wraith Stealth air-cooled cooling solution. It boasts 6 cores and 12 threads, with a base clock speed of 3.6GHz and a maximum speed of 4.6GHz. The L3 Cache is at 16MB, and it is compatible with 3200MHz DDR4 RAM and PCIe 3.0.

AMD Configurable TDP (cTDP) ranges from 45-65W, while the base TDP is at 65W. It is compatible with motherboards that have the AM4 Socket.

Alternatives and competitors to the Ryzen 5 5600GT.

Arguably, the main competitor to the Ryzen 5 5600GT is the R5 5600G. The latter was released in April 2021, and one will notice that it has comparable features to the R5 5600GT. Its base frequency is at 3.9GHz and maximum at 4.4GHz. It is built on TSMC’s 7nm process, compatible with 3200MHz DDR4 RAM and PCIe 3.0. It carries 6 cores and 12 threads and is compatible with motherboards that have the AM4 socket. The integrated graphics it carries are the same as the R5 5600GT, Vega graphics with 7 Core Count and a 1900MHz frequency. It has AMD’s Wraith Stealth air cooling solution, L3 Cache at 16MB, and a TDP of 65W. It’s currently priced at $129, offering a cheaper alternative without much difference in performance.

Another competitor, which I think is actually a better choice, is the R7 5700G. This particular CPU carries 8 cores and 16 threads, with a base clock frequency of 3.2GHz and a maximum of 4.6GHz. The default TDP is 65W, and AMD Configurable TDP (cTDP) ranges from 45-65W. It is compatible with PCIe 3.0 and with motherboards that have the AM4 Socket. Compatible memory speed is set to 3200MHz, and it carries stronger graphics with 8 Core count, and a 2000MHz frequency. It is built on TSMC’s 7nm process, has 16MB of L3 Cache, and includes an AMD Wraith Stealth air cooling solution. Its price currently stands at $169, slightly higher than the R5 5600G.

Check out the comparison table below:

FeatureRyzen 5 5600GTRyzen 5 5600GRyzen 7 5700G
Release DateJanuary 8, 2024April 2021April 2021
Core Count6 cores6 cores8 cores
Thread Count12 threads12 threads16 threads
Base Clock Frequency3.6GHz3.9GHz3.2GHz
Max Clock Frequency4.6GHz4.4GHz4.6GHz
cTDP Range45-65WNot specified45-65W
PCIe CompatibilityPCIe 3.0PCIe 3.0PCIe 3.0
Socket CompatibilityAM4AM4AM4
Memory Speed3200MHz DDR43200MHz DDR43200MHz DDR4
Integrated GraphicsVega, 7 Core Count, 1900MHzVega, 7 Core Count, 1900MHzVega, 8 Core Count, 2000MHz
Manufacturing ProcessTSMC 7nmTSMC 7nmTSMC 7nm
L3 Cache16MB16MB16MB
Cooling SolutionAMD Wraith Stealth air-cooledAMD Wraith Stealth air-cooledAMD Wraith Stealth air-cooled

Ryzen 5 5600GT: Benchmarks.

It’s interesting to see the results of the Ryzen 5 5600GT benchmarks compared with its competitors to determine its market value. In an overall test, we examine the processor’s performance, temperature, power consumption, and integrated graphics to discern the differences from the older R5 5600G and R7 5700G chips.

Ryzen 5 5600GT Cinebench R23 Single Core.

In single-thread performance, we observe minimal differences between the R5 5600GT, R5 5600G, and R7 5700G. The processors have nearly identical core clock speeds, leading to comparable performance.

Ryzen 5 5600GT Cinebench R23 Multi Core.

In multi-threaded performance, the R5 5600GT outperforms the R5 5600G by about 5%, but it lags significantly behind the 8-core R7 5700G, as the latter has 2 additional physical cores. Therefore, if productivity and multitasking are concerns for you, it’s advisable to consider investing a bit more money to opt for the R7 5700G rather than the R5 5600GT.

Power Consumption.

Both the R5 5600GT and its main competitors, the R5 5600G and R7 5700G, share the same base TDP. In terms of power consumption, theoretically, we shouldn’t see much variation among these three processors.

Ryzen 5 5600GT Peak Power Consumption

Indeed, we experience infinitesimal differences in terms of peak power consumption, with the R5 5600G consuming the least power, only slightly lower than the R5 5600GT.


The R5 5600GT, along with the R5 5600G and R7 5700G, shares the same stock cooler, the AMD Wraith Stealth air cooler. Testing in Cinebench R23 at 100% of their cores’ performance yielded the following results.

The differences in the temperatures produced by the processor with the stock cooler are negligible; as we can see, they are at the same values. Thus, none stands out in this area, nor in power consumption, as a more ideal choice.


The R5 5600GT has the same integrated graphics card as the R5 5600G, namely Vega 7 graphics with a frequency of 1900MHz and 7 core count. The R7 5700G features built-in Vega 8 graphics with 8 core count and a frequency of 2000MHz. I tested the aforementioned processors at a screen resolution of 1080p on several popular titles to observe the differences between them.

Ryzen 5 5600GT Assassin's creed: Valhalla benchmarks

In Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla, the R5 5600GT outperforms the R5 5600G by 2 AVG FPS but lags behind the R7 5700G in performance. Because it’s a game that benefits from some CPU enhancements, there is a slight difference in performance.

Ryzen 5 5600GT Forza Horizon 5 benchmarks

In Forza Horizon 5, there is also a subtle difference in the average FPS produced by the CPUs, with the R7 5700G performing better with Vega 8 graphics than the R5 5600G and 5600GT.

Ryzen 5 5600GT Elden Ring benchmarks

In Elden Ring, we see an average FPS increase of about 4% on the R5 5600GT compared to the R5 5600G, but it’s negligible as this is a demanding title, and we won’t see a noticeable difference in FPS on our screen.

Ryzen 5 5600GT Cyberpunk 2077 benchmarks

Cyberpunk 2077 doesn’t rely as much on the CPU as it does on the GPU, and both the R5 5600GT and 5600G produce the same average FPS, with neither one standing out from the other.

The same occurs in Red Dead Redemption 2, with both the R5 5600G and 5600GT giving us the same FPS, while the R7 5700G outperforms them by about 4-5 FPS here as well.

Final Thoughts: Is the Ryzen 5 5600GT Worth?

I believe that the release of the Ryzen 5 5600GT does not offer anything substantial to users. Its integrated graphics are the same as the R5 5600G; we only experience a 200MHz higher clock speed at maximum reach. I don’t recommend it as I find more value in the cheaper R5 5600G and, of course, significant value in the R7 5700G if you’re willing to invest a little more money. The Ryzen 7 5700G offers a higher core count, a more future-proof option, and better graphics, while the maximum clock speed is the same as the R5 5600GT.

Although the R5 5600GT is a new addition to the 5000 series generation, it lacks originality and doesn’t provide the user with any strong incentives to purchase it. Personally, I would like to see at least improved graphics or PCIe 4.0 support, or something similar. However, there was no such thing, which prevents me from recommending or buying the R5 5600GT myself.

Certainly, the final choice is yours, and you can decide based on your budget. If you already own a dedicated graphics card, there are better alternatives available from both AMD and Intel, offering more powerful features at similar price points.

If you’re interested in a processor with integrated graphics, you can also refer to a recent article, “The Best Budget-Friendly Ryzen and Intel Processors with Integrated Graphics in 2024.

It’s important to note that with both Vega 7 and Vega 8 graphics, you won’t be able to play the latest and most demanding titles with satisfactory FPS. Older games may provide a better experience. The graphics of the R5 5600G, R5 5600GT, and R7 5700G are not so powerful that you will experience significant differences in graphics performance.

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