Windows 10 Support to End in 2025: Extended Security Updates Available.

Windows 10 Support to End in 2025: Extended Security Updates Available.

Although Windows 10 continues to be enriched with new features such as Copilot AI, the operating system will stop receiving updates after October 14, 2025, when Microsoft will end its official support.

Extended Security Update Program.

To give companies the necessary time to prepare, Microsoft will soon begin offering the Extended Security Update (ESU) program for Windows 10. Similar to the approach taken with Windows 7, organizations will have paid access to security updates for Windows 10, which is “locked” to version 22H2, through an annual subscription. This subscription will be extendable until October 14, 2028, at the latest. The program covers only critical and important security updates, not technical support.

Alternatives and Market Share.

An alternative for organizations is to transfer Windows 10 PCs to Windows 11 via the cloud, with a subscription to Windows 365. This allows Windows 10 on these computers to benefit from Extended Security Updates at no extra cost, but again for a maximum of three years.

Microsoft’s strategy is influenced by the current market dominance of Windows 10, which holds a 68.02% share compared to Windows 11’s 26.63% as of November 2023.

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